What to Do When Your Bookkeeper Leaves

Bookkeepers are responsible for the financial wellbeing of your company  and having them suddenly leave may result in stagnation of many business operations. There will be a lot of paper work and data entry to be worked on once your bookkeeper stops working for you. There may also be some backlogs in the financial processes left behind by your ex-employee. Keep reading to find out about things that are to be taken care of once your bookkeeper quits.

  •         First and foremost thing to be done is to get all the financial data back from the bookkeeper while they are still in your employment. Ensure you have a record of all your latest transactions and all other important reports, records and files. Do everything necessary to ensure a smooth transition of all the financial records from your ex-employee to you.   

  •          Change all the relevant entry credentials, codes and keys to ensure all the confidential and sensitive information will be out of reach of your ex-accountant.

  •         Keep all the other employees informed about the bookkeeper quitting the company. Notifying your employees helps preventing the further sharing of confidential information, such as transactions, with them. This is also to prevent the loss of any financial data if the bookkeeper misses reporting/ responding back. Also the employees will be aware of increased work on their part until a replacement for the accountant is found.

  •          Immediately find a temporary replacement for the bookkeeping activates while you try to find a suitable candidate to fill in your ex-accountant’s shoes. This action is to prevent piling of invoices and other financial data and to ensure deadlines, such as tax filings if any, are met. They can be someone within the company or a freelancer.

  •          When you look to hire a new accountant, have a checklist of all your needs and make sure the person selected suits all the requirements. Here is a checklist for you while looking for a new accountant:

ü  How familiar is the person with the industry?

ü  How proficient are they in bookkeeping terminologies?

ü  How effectively are they communicating?

ü  To what extent do they understand my business needs?

ü  How much value is their addition to the company?

ü  What other business processes can they assist the company with?

  •          Evaluate the advantages of outsourcing your bookkeeping needs, as it is something that is gaining a lot of traction these days. If you think it is advantageous to you, then find a bookkeeping service that befits all your requirements.

These are some of the immediate tasks that are to be taken care of once your bookkeeper quits the company. You can also use this opportunity to re-evaluate your financial processes. Concentrate on the financial aspects of business that need fine-tuning. By taking a few steps meticulously, you can ensure that your financial data is maintained intact from this point on.

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