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Our solutions and services are based on industry-leading best practices for professional services firms and are built to scale from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. By ingeniously and holistically integrating people, process, and technology, our unique Business Process Service (BPaaS) coalesces various  aspects of technology, best business practice, seamless and end-to-end business process, and people to give you the most insightful and dependable service all day, every day while eliminating costly and error-prone manual activities.

                                Bookkeeping and Accounting

                                Solvit Hub provides you with professional-grade bookkeeping and accounting services combined with advanced automation and skilled accountants. Our framework is built on industry powered best practices, processes, all  on a powerful cloud-based software. It’s everything a business owner needs to do the bookkeeping and accounting - without actually having to DO the bookkeeping  

                                Activity to Invoice

                                Solvit Hub  provides you with a seamless, end-to-end solution to manage your billable time and expense tracking, project management, billing and accounting along with dashboards and reports; seamlessly integrated on a  single, easy-to-use integrated platform that will save you time, effort, and money

                                Contingent Workforce Management

                                All the processes, software and people you need to manage your contingent workforce.  This allows organizations to realize key benefits including:

                                • Streamlined Contingent Workforce on-boarding 

                                • Intelligent supplier spend management with automated contingent workforce invoicing matching service  

                                • Timely & accurate accounts payables

                                • Accurate 1099 Reporting for Compliance      Management and Risk Mitigation  

                                • Real-time reporting, Agile Analytics, and deep-dive functionalities to manage your contingent workforce  


                                Paying your employees and contractors - SIMPLIFIED.  Enter, track and approve  your employees' and contractors  work hours. We will then handle all aspects of payroll - federal, state and local including taxes.

                                • All 50 states, plus federal and local taxes

                                • Automated payroll filings and tax payments

                                • Unlimited Payrolls

                                • W2s & 1099s

                                • Direct deposits   

                                • Multiple Schedules and pay rates

                                • Online employee/contractor setup  

                                Industry-specific services
                                Professional Services

                                Run your entire professional services firm profitably and easily from one platform. Adopt best practices, record time and expense for projects. Collaborate with your business partners and keep accurate project accounting and perform timely billing and cash application.

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                                Technology, Software & Cloud

                                Focus on your strengths and leverage Solvit Hub's platform to run your back-office.  Run your entire back-office profitably and easily from one platform. Adopt the best practices, perform subscription billing, and project accounting. 

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                                Provide project based quotations, record time and expenses specific to your construction projects. Easily manage approvals in our customized workflow engine. Increase your efficiency and competitiveness by collaborating with your business partners.

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                                we are Meticulous and confident that you will love us

                                We are 100% confident you will prefer our services over your current bookkeeper or your outsourced firms.To sweeten the deal further, we also offer a 30-day money back guarantee. If within the first 30 days of signing with us, you decide to return to your prior bookkeeper or the sub-contracted firm, we will refund half of all the fees paid prior to receiving a written request for termination. Try our services today!

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